Funny Farm Jokes

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Cute Farm Puns and Jokes for Kids

hilarious tractor joke for kids

When is a tractor not a tractor?

When it turns into a barn!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to her friend, Bessie the cow, who was on the udder side!

Silly goat joke for kids

Why is it difficult to have a serious conversation with a goat?

Because she’s always kidding!

Where did the rancher find his missing cattle?

At the moooovies!

funny milk chocolate joke

Why do cows like milk chocolate?

Because it’s udderly delicious!

Why do bulls like to go to the beach?

To show off their moo-scles!

cute farming tractor joke

How did the farmer get away from the aliens?

He avoided their tractor beam!

How did the sheep get away from the cops?

She made a ewe turn!

cute farmer's shovel joke

What did the farmer say when she lost her shovel?

“Where’s my shovel!”

How do successful farmers create such rich soil?

They bury their money!

funny scrambled egg pun

What do confused chickens lay?

Scrambled eggs!

Where did the farmer buy medicine for her milking goats?

She went to the farm-acy!

Adorable farm cat joke

Why was the barn cat a farm favorite?

She had a great purrrr-sonality!

Why do chickens get up so early in the morning?

To get their eggs-ercise routine done for the day!

Funny farm pig joke

Why don’t pigs use cell phones?

They’d rather communicate with ham radios!

Why do farmers like cats in the hay barn?

Because they’re great meow-sers!

Funny horse pun

Did you hear about the farmer’s friendly horse?

He was very neeiigh-borly!

What is a favorite farm yard dance?

The Turkey Trot!

Farm jokes for the whole family

Farm Knock Knock Jokes

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Garden who?

Garden the gate to keep the gopher out of my vegetables!

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Lettuce who?

Lettuce go for a ride on the tractor to watch the sunset!

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Juicy who?

Juicy that pig fly?

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Accordion who?

Accordion to the forecast it’s supposed to rain soon, we need to finish the baling quick!

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Wooden who?

Wooden it be great if bacon grew on trees!

Knock Knock!

Who’s there?


Ears who?

Ears some sweet corn for supper!

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