20 + Funny Skeleton Jokes, Puns and Tongue Twisters

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Skeleton Puns and Jokes

What Halloween party food is the skeleton’s favorite treat?

None of it, he doesn’t have the stomach for it!

Skeletons Who Clean Up After Halloween Parties Are Grim Sweepers

What do you call a skeleton cleaning up after his Halloween party?

The Grim Sweeper!

Where can the skeleton find his funny bone?

Wherever he left it!

Why did the skeleton keep losing his phone?

He was a bone head!

What Did the Mama Skeleton Say to the Child Skeleton on Her First Day of Classes?

What did the mama skeleton say to the child skeleton on her first day of classes?

“Wake up sleepy bones!”

What display did the skeleton go to the museum to see?

The Halloween skull-ptures!

Skeletons And Ghosts - You Can See Right Through Them

What do a skeleton and ghost have in common?

You can see right through both of them!

How do French skeletons say, “Hello!”?


Why don’t you ever see skeletons outside in the dead of winter?

Because they can easily get chilled to the bone!

What is a skeleton’s favorite month?


What’s larger than a village, smaller than a city and has good infrastructure?


Skeleton Got Fired From His Job At the Cemetary Because He Was A Lazy Bones

Why did the skeleton get fired from his job at the cemetery?

He was a lazy bones!

What famous Spanish city do skeletons like to visit?


Why Didn't the Skeleton Go to the Halloween Party?

The ghoul asked his friend the skeleton why he didn’t go to the Halloween party?

The skeleton answered, “Because I didn’t have any body to go with!”

What is a skeleton’s favorite fairy tale?

Bone Soup!

Skeletons Favorite Candy Are Bon-Bones

Why did the skeleton fail his defensive driving class?

He didn’t have the guts for it!

What is a skeleton’s favorite gourmet candy?


Q: What Pets Do Skeletons Fear The Most? A: Dogs!

What pets do skeletons fear the most?


Where did the skeleton go for a tune-up?

The body shop!

Why did the skeleton forget his keys?

He was empty headed!

How did the skeleton take his pumpkin spice coffee?

With three extra screams!

Why did the skeleton visit the dairy?

He was told milk was good for him!

Why did the skeleton try out for the popular reality TV show?

He thought his comedy performance was humerous!

What do you call a magical skeleton?

A skelecorn!

We worked our fingers to the bone to make you laugh!

Tongue Twisters

The helter-skelter skeleton scared Scarlett!

Spooky kooky skeleton!

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