10 Jokes for July 4th

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Funny Independence Day Jokes and Puns

boomer generation fourth of july pum

What generation likes fireworks the most?

The boomer generation!

July 4th fishing pun

How do you invite a fish to your Fourth of July party?

Drop it a line!

ant and bee pun for 4th of july

In what order did insects support American independence?

The A-nt colonies were the first, then the B-ee colonies!

fourth of July liberty bell pun

Why can’t you tell the Liberty Bell any of these jokes?

We don’t want it to crack up any more!

fourth of july picnic fun food pun

What’s best served with s’mores at the 4th of July picnic?


Funny parade and dance party for July 4th

After the 4th of July parade, how can you keep celebrating the holiday?

Attend an Indepen-dance!

the best bigfoot pun for fourth of july

What do you call Bigfoot when he sketches fireworks from his woodland hideaway?


bargain shopping day after July 4th food pun

Where can you find a bargain on July 5?

The bakery, where you can get Independence Day old bread!

indepencence day celebration joke

How did the big firework reassure the little firecracker?

She said, “I’m sure you’ll do a bang up job!”

kitten humor for 4th of july

What’s red, white and mew?

A kitten celebrating the 4th of July!

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