12 More Funny Crafting Jokes

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Yarn Jokes

funny yarn skein crafting joke

What do you call a skein of yarn that crossed the road?

A yarn over!

cute yarn project bag craft joke

How many skeins of yarn can you put in an empty project bag?

Only one, after that it’s not empty anymore!

yarn skein humor

What do you have if you’re holding six skeins of chunky in one hand and six skeins of super chunky in the other hand?

Big hands!

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Crochet Jokes and Puns

crochet and dictionary humor

Where does crochet come before housework?

The dictionary!

funny crochet terminology joke

What is the quickest way to double the size of your foundation chain?

Fold it in half!

crochet and dating pun

Who signs up for dating apps?

Single crochet-ers!

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Sewing Jokes and Puns

craft store shopping humor

Sometimes I think I should walk away from the new bolts of fabric at the craft store …

Then I laugh and laugh at my joke all the way to the cash register!

funny craft serger sewing machine pun

What famous general likes to sew?

The Serg-eon General!

funny quilting pun

What do you call a quilter who is worried?


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Knitting Jokes and Puns

hilarious wool yarn and knitting pun

What did the annoyed knitting needle say to the wool yarn?

“You’re so knit picky!”

funny mom knitting pun

What wise advice did the mom give to her child?

“All you knit is love!”

funny knit and cooking pun for homemade items

What soup do knitters like to eat for lunch?

Homemade pearl barley soup!

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