One Liners

5 minutes of smiles
funny work day one liner quote

My boss told me to have a good day, so I went home!

If only the buck stopped here. I could use a few …

funny logic question one liner

Why do we have feet that smell and noses that run?

Funny Ball Joke

I wondered why the ball was getting bigger and then it hit me.

Isn’t it ironic that phonetic isn’t spelled the way it sounds?

hawaii highway one liner quote

Where do interstate highways in Hawaii go?

Banker Losing Interest Joke

I was a banker for 15 years until I lost interest.

scared by spider one liner quote

The problem is not seeing a spider but rather when it disappears!

hilarous mountain one liner quote

Mountain jokes are so hill-arious!

I Once Tried to Jump Into Some Fog Joke

I once tried to jump into some fog, but I mist.

fuzzy logic question one liner quote

Is it just me or does fuzzy logic tickle you, too?

egg as yolkster one liner quote

Eggs may not be funny, but they are yolksters!

Joke About Getting Over Mountain

I used to have a fear of mountains until I got over it.

Joke About Another Word For Thesaurus

I keep looking but I can’t seem to find another word for thesaurus.

Because the light bulb hadn’t been invented yet, what appeared over cave people when they had an idea?

house to home one liner quote

A house has the exact number of boards in it to make a home!

Is There An Abbreviation for Abbreviation Joke

Did you know there is an abbreviation for abbreviation?

proof reading mistake one liner quote

I do my best proof reading after I press send!